Latest information on package bees for the 2024 season.

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Questions? Call me 860-428-1731

Questions? The best number is my cell 860-428-1731. 

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Check out the equipment page here for great prices on assembled and painted hives and hive components. Available in 8 and 10 frame sizes. Beginning in February, we will be open on Saturday mornings from 9:00AM till noon through April 6th, 2024. Other times by appointment call 860-428-1731

Our 3lb packages come from Wilbanks Apiaries in Claxton, Georgia. They have Wilbanks famous Italian Queens and are rushed up to A&Z Apiaries in Hampton CT on a dedicated, climate-controlled truck, usually arriving within 18 hrs of departure from Georgia. This ensures less stress on the bees because they don’t spend up to a week in transit as is often the case with mail order bees or those trucked in from California. 

These packages contain approximately 10,000 bees, one mated Italian Queen and a feeder that keeps them fed during transport. This is the traditional manner to start new colonies and we have a good supply of them available to pre order during the season. We are all sold out for 2024.

Nucleus colonies, nucs are all reserved for the 2024 season. Update on nucs as of June 3rd, 2024. The queens have mated, and I am in the process of evaluating their laying patterns. I will email you with a pickup date of either 6/8 or 6/15. Your date will be determined by when you ordered your nuc first come, first served. The pickup time will be from 8-12 noon on those days. Remember that I will email you with your date. If you have any questions, call me at 860-428-1731.

 Now let’s talk about 5 frame nucleus colonies, or “nucs” as they are commonly called. I am often asked to define my Queens as a certain strain of bees. I guess that if pressed, I would call them “Mutts” as the queens have been raised by me and open mated here in Eastern Ct for nearly 25 years. These queens are mated in areas where we strive to saturate the area with drones from our colonies, thus concentrating genetic stock from our own bees. Each spring, from over 350 of our colonies, I select the three that have wintered in the best condition here in Southern New England. The queens from these special colonies are then used to provide larvae that will become new queens.

We add these developing queens to three frames of worker larvae (or brood as we call it) and one full comb of honey and pollen as a food reserve. These components, along with one more empty comb and one frame of foundation are placed into a special hive where the young queen will hatch out, mate and then begin laying the eggs that will become a rapidly expanding population of worker bees in their new home. This process usually takes from 3-4 weeks. Only after I have verified the health and quality of the queen and her offspring, then verified that the colony is growing properly, will I release this nuc to its new owner. Because we put so much care into raising these bees, they will not be ready until late May at the earliest. We will not release them until they are ready to our satisfaction. If you are in a hurry to get bees, do not order a nuc, order a 3lb package of bees that will arrive earlier. Like the packages, we fill nuc orders in the sequence that they were placed and no amount of begging, cajoling or bullying will persuade us to let you take them any sooner.

When your nucs are ready for pickup, we will email you with dates to come get them. Because these nucs usually have robust populations, starting in 2023, our preferred method of transport has been in a ProNuc box. We will provide these boxes and have your nuc installed into the ProNuc. Pick up will be on a predetermined Saturday morning, much like package bee days.  We try to make this as easy as possible but the potential for stress or death to the bees forces us to be very strict about how these bees are handled.


   Need equipment? Check out our equipment page for beehive prices and availability.

My address is 143 South Brook Rd, Hampton CT. Be careful, sometimes Google Maps software will put you in Scotland, 5 miles from here. 

 Directions?   We are located at 143 South Brook RD, Hampton CT 06247.

If you have any questions, you can always call me at 860-428-1731.

Contact us. or call, 860-428-1731.

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