Woodenware in 8 or 10 frame sizes

A & Z Apiaries woodenware price list; Winter-Spring Sale 2023 Please note new lower prices. Remember that these prices also include CT sales tax.

Beginning on Saturday February 14th, I will be open for equipment and package bee sales on Saturday mornings from 9:00AM till Noon. These Saturday hours will continue until April 8th. If you can’t come by on Saturday mornings, call me and we can make an appointment for some other time. 860-428-1731

How to order; At this time, we do not offer shipping, you need to come pick it up here, 143 South Brook rd., Hampton CT 06247. Because this is an operating farm, I need to concentrate on care of my bees and therefore don’t have regular store hours. During March and April, I will try to be available on Saturday Mornings, but you must call ahead in order to avoid missing me and times are by appointment only, please call me at 860-428-1731. Payment is by cash or check only.

These prices are for assembled and painted equipment and include CT sales tax.

Complete assembled and painted 10 frame hive kit, contains the following.

1- assembled solid bottom board

2 – assembled deep hive bodies

2- assembled medium honey supers

1- 2 frame (approximately 2 gallon) division board feeder with cap and ladder system

18 – assembled deep frames with waxed plastic foundation

20- assembled medium frames with waxed foundation

1- wooden inner cover

1- assembled telescoping top cover (wood and metal)   Total cost     (painted)   359.00  

Complete, assembled 8 frame hive kit, contains all of the above with the following exceptions.

All components are eight frame size and you will receive a one frame (approximately 1 Gallon ) feeder, 15 assembled deep frames, 16 assembled medium frames.

                                                                                        Total cost            (painted)     $347.00 

Individual hive components

Assembled Solid Bottom board                                                               painted       $29.00

Assembled Deep hive body                                                                     painted        $36.00

with assembled frames and waxed plastic foundation                                           $79.00

10 Assembled Deep frames with waxed, plastic foundation                             10/$44.00

Assembled Medium honey super                                                                  painted $32.00

with assembled frames with waxed plastic foundation                                          $70.00

10 Assembled Medium frames with waxed, plastic foundation                       10/ $42.00                        

Assembled Wooden Inner cover                                                                                   $19.00

Assembled telescoping cover, wood & metal                                                painted $44.00

Two frame division board feeder ( approximately 2 gallons)                                 $22.00

One frame division board feeder   (aproximately 1 gallon)                                    $18.00

Just the basics hive kit contains the following.

These kits contain the same components as the complete kits above except the two honey supers. You can add them later on as needed and your startup costs will be that much lower.

10 frame basic kit                                                                                                         $239.00

8 frame basic kit                                                                                                            $230.00

Swarm catcher hive! Don’t be surprised by the inevitable swarm, keep one of these on hand!

Contains 1 screened bottom board, 1 deep hive body, 1 two gallon division board interior feeder,8 assembled wooden frames with waxed plastic foundation, 1 vented inner cover, 1 telescoping top cover with metal lid.

10 frame swarm catcher hive.                                                                                                 $167.00

8 frame swarm catcher hive                                                                                                    $158.00

Looking for bees?

3lb package with mated Italian queen                                                                                                $164.00

3 lb package with marked Queen                                               $170.00

5 frame nuc with CT Grown queen (our best overwintered stock)     $225.00

Queens, unmarked                                                                                                                     $45.00

Queens, marked                                                                                                                         $45.00

To order bees email me  orders@azapiaries.com

If you want unpainted equipment give me a call, if it is available then you can save some money. 860-428-1731

CT sales tax of 6.35% is included in all woodenware and bee prices.

Avoid shipping costs by buying locally!  

WE try to hold our prices at this level but reserve the right to modify them if costs change.